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Exclusively for FS2004!

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Flight Line ST3400ô 5.2.2 - English


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The brightest display, the best TAWS:

Pairing an incredibly bright, light-bending display with an affordable TSOíd Class A or B TAWS is pretty impressive. Packaging everything in a single 3-ATI, panel-mounted unit with TCAS, navigation and a WAAS sensor is nothing short of mind-blowing. Thatís why the ST3400 TAWS/RMI has become the new standard in terrain avoidance. And thatís not to mention our wealth of features, like smart I/O and a pilot-friendly interface to make the ST3400 easy to install and use.

Full-time terrain and topo mapping for enhanced safety. And overlaid traffic and track-based flight plans, predictive altitude emergency climb and runway depiction for maximum situational awareness. So, put aside your preconceptions of what a TAWS should be, and prepare to be impressed.

Works directly with the Flight Simulator Terrain Mesh!

With its unique cutting-edge technology, the Flight Line ST3400 uses the actual 3D mesh you are flying with Flight Simulator 2004. Whether you use the standard terrain, or any add-on mesh, the TAWS will accurately detect and depict the underlying hills, mountains, ridges and any other particular terrain obstacle.

While other TAWS solutions requires the user to download HUGE amounts of terrain data or fill their hard drive with gigabytes of CD/DVD data, the Flight Line ST3400 is ready to fly in minutes!

In using the actual Flight Simulator 3D terrain you have the guarantee that every single terrain feature is perfectly aligned between the outside world, and the terrain map. Furthermore, with its advanced algorithm, the Flight Line ST3400 accurately detects any terrain elevation at any location at a precision of less than 0.1 meter, whatever the resolution of the Flight Simulator mesh is.

In short, with its highly accurate terrain hit detection in both horizontal and vertical extension, the Flight Line ST3400 offers the Best-in-Class simulated TAWS:

What you see is what you REALLY get!

A complete simulation for Flight Simulator 2004:

You will be flying a simulated avionics package capable of providing the same features and benefits as the real avionics. The Reality XP ST3400 package is a faithful reproduction that pilots and simmers can use it as a training tool to familiarize themselves with the workings of the actual equipment. Each button and knob is fully functional and performs identically to its real-world counterpart.

The Flight Line ST3400 also features:


TCAS I and Mark V GPWS (Modes 1-6) included.


TAWS (EGPWS) FLTA and PDA modes.


Audible and Visual Alerts/Warnings (30 and 60 seconds prior to impact).


Visual indicators of collision/impact site.


Highly optimized terrain and TAWS algorithm for none to little performance hit.


Works directly with the FS2004 Terrain Mesh to offer the best-in-class simulated TAWS.


No extra CD/DVDs to install or large terrain data sets to download from the internet!


Works with any add-on mesh at any resolution.


Complete Airport database.


Integration with any Flight Simulator GPS and flight plan display.


RMI needles with User-selectable data source.


Replaces any conventional RMI gauge in any Panel!


ST3400 Config designed to configure and manage your ST3400 gauge and settings in any panel.

A Clear Advance in Technology:

The Flight Line ST3400 features our new True Display XPô v2005! Introduced in 2003 and never surpassed with competing GDI+ based products, True Display XPô has been welcomed with rave reviews from the press and customers. In short, this is the most extraordinary technology to fully recreate not only the look-and-fell of actual CRT/LCD based EFIS systems, but it also is so precise that for the first time, you can hand-fly the F/D (Flight Director) and ILS approaches better than with any PC based simulation..

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